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Here is a sample of library harvesting between Limb Gallery and other onlines library like Gallica (BNF) or INHA (National Institute of Art History).
INHA is powered by a Limb Gallery software while Gallica BNF is using its own solution.
Datas have been integrated with our OAI harvester and pictures are displayed thanks to our management of the iiif protocol.

[Indiens botocudos de la province de Bahia]

Ferrez, Marc (1843-1923). Photographe
Indiens d'Amérique -- Brésil

[Recueil. Personnalités des arts et des lettres]

Carjat, Étienne (1828-1906). Photographe, Nadar (1820-1910). Photographe, Disdéri (1819-1889). Photographe